September 14-15, 2017 - Los Angeles, CA
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Tobin C. Harding

Self employed
Software Developer
For the last six years Tobin has been chasing the dream of becoming a kernel hacker. He started his kernel hacking 'career' by doing driver patches in staging/. In 2017 he enjoyed a small amount of success when hashing of printk specifier %p landed in v3.15. He spent 2018 predominantly writing userspace code but 2019 sees him back in kernel land working on making slab objects movable and contributing to the Kernel Self Protection Project. At OSS in LA in 2017 Tobin presented a tutorial with the same title as this one, it was well received. He hopes to be able to improve upon the delivery and content this year.

Tobin lives in Australia along with his three children. When not programming you can usually find him rock climbing or training jiu-jitsu.